Dear Camp Echo Lake Campers:

When you get home, some of you are going to go online to places like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other online platforms. Here are a few things to remember when you go online. Social Media “Likes” are NOT the same as being liked in real life. Being “Tagged” on Social Media is not the same as tagging your friends with an arm around their shoulder or a hug in person. Remember that when you write something to someone online or in a text it should be something you have the courage to say to their face or you probably shouldn’t say it at all. Think about how you would feel if someone texted or posted it to you. Never post any pictures, videos, or anything that you wouldn’t be proud of if your parents, grandparents, counselors, or camp directors saw. Remember that once you post something online it’s out there in the world and you no longer have control of it. Read the Camp Echo Lake Community Statement below and know that that is the Warm and Fuzzy way Echo Laker’s treat each other at camp, in real life, and online. Most importantly, know that you just spent the past 7 weeks being liked in real life, tagging your friends with hugs, and being your best selves. You should be very proud of yourself, we are proud of you. Until next summer….


We are an inclusive and welcoming community.  We value every member as a unique person.  We expect every member to respect him or herself and respect others.  We treat our Camp Echo Lake home as if it is our own.  We treat our local community outside of camp with respect and always remember we are representing Camp Echo Lake.

With love and Warm and Fuzzy Hugs,

Your Camp Echo Lake Family