Wowee and ZOWEE! You have to know that this 83 year old is almost ready to JUMP OUT OF HER SKIN!!!

Last summer with NO CAMP I was practically in tears! I was crying for our campers. I was crying for our staff! I was crying for the parents of our terrific campers. They were so disappointed that camp was not going to happen for their kids in 2020! Hey, I have been at Echo Lake since I was 8 years old. I don’t know how to GO any other place during the summer. It was lonely for all of us, let’s be real.

So listen!  I practically have my trunk packed. I, like you, am checking the days off on my calendar.  The happiest day of my life will be when the buses roll in and I see ALL OF YOU ON IT!!!

Here is YOUR job until you jump on that bus!  Study hard and do your best work at school. That is important! OUR job is to plan for the very best summer you have ever had and that is at, you guessed it, CAMP ECHO LAKE! 

It’s my very favorite place in the whole wide world! That will be because we will all be there this summer having a fabulous time! ECHO LAKE – HERE WE COME!


Love you madly,

Amy Medine Stein

Director Emerita