Dear campers, moms, dads, alums, staff and anyone else who loves Camp Echo Lake – I bet those numbers are in the thousands,

It’s February and we have turned the corner being closer in days (rather than farther) to our next summer.  Oh boy, my heart starts to go pitty- pat. I mean it – I get excited, nervous, and start to pray for all things good and wonderful for our 71st summer. When I wake up early I think about what our campus looks like in the snow, how hard Darren and his guys are working, how our campus can look even more beautiful if I come up with a bright idea or two, and how spacious it looks now.  I see green trees, I see yellow flowers, I see white staff shirts, I see new and old campers jumping off the buses that bring them to camp, I see staff running up and down as the buses drive in and campers pile out.

People can’t believe how enthusiastic I can still feel about Echo Lake. That’s because I love people, big people and little people.  I love the magic that they feel at camp. I love the way our campers and staff treat each other – helping new people, teaching them how things work at camp, what a Warm Inner Glow feels like, seeing the beginnings of life-long friendships. Yummy!

Wow, what a gift that is for me – making that all happen on our wonderful site. I am definitely one of the luckiest people. Camp can never grow old for me.  It is fresh, warm,
Joyful – an honest-to-God Celebration of Life!


Much love,

Director Emerita