Camp Echo Lake Throwback Thursday - Jaclyn Luft

Written by Jaclyn Luft

I believe the year was 1993 – I was 7 years old. I will never forget the excitement and thrill of Visiting Day at Camp Echo Lake that year.  I remember driving down the gravel road towards the rows of bunks, trying to see if I could spot my big brother, Jonathon, standing on his balcony. I had the most incredible day with my big brother that day at camp. He took me to the lake where we swam and splashed around.  We played soccer and tennis, and of course, had a picnic as he shared all of the fun and silly stories from his summer.

As we drove away, I waved to my brother from the backseat of our car.  I couldn’t wait for the time to come when I would join him as an Echo Lake camper.  I begged my parents to enroll me in Fantasy Camp the following summer, which was an absolute blast!  Finally, in 1995, I began my journey as a Camp Echo Lake Froshie.  My collection of wonderful memories quickly began to grow in my heart and mind as I built meaningful friendships, surrounded by the absolute best counselors.

“Memories of Echo

Stir within me now

As I lie alone

My heart drifting back to summer

That’s where my dreams do rest

I remember mountains

And the pine trees tall

How I loved them all

Standing there as shields and

Guarding us as we all are blessed…”

(I didn’t have to look up these words.  They are literally a part of me to this day!)


Whenever I look at the picture of my brother and me on that day (see above), I am forever reminded of the happiness and love that surrounded me inside the gates of Camp Echo Lake. I speak for both of my siblings (Aliza and Jon) when I say that our summers as Echo Lake campers were some of the best of our lives!  Now that we are employed with only 2-3 weeks of vacation each year, we sincerely miss those warm summers by “the lake”…the excitement of cookouts with our fellow Canadians, free swim, rainy days, Tribal War and the magical Alawatchakeema. And of course, who can forget the motto that lives on inside of us to this very day: Attitude, Attitude, Attitude!