Camp Echo Lake Inter Boys

Inter Boys Head Counselor – Matt LeMoine


After all of their hard work and practice, the Inter Boys took to the field house on a rainy evening last Tuesday to perform their group songs, with each group taking a different approach.  All four groups did a great job performing songs from various music genres.  The revamped Echo Lake songs were sung to the tune of the following: “Piano Man,” “I’m The Man,” “Every Breath You Take,” “This Is How We Do It” and “Rock And Roll All Night.”  The Upper Inter Boys, who joined forces for their performance, ended up winning the Inter Division of Group Sing.
1, 2, 3, 4…WE GOT TRIBAL WAR!

Following Group Sing, at the conclusion of the LITs’ performance, we were all surprised as Tribal was finally broken and the summer-long competition began! For the Inter Boys, this is a particularly exciting event because many of them have been at camp before; they know how Tribal works, and as the oldest boys on main camp, they have the opportunity to take a leadership role in the competition.

On Wednesday, the Inter Boys participated in Tribal Tug, which is one of their favorite Tribal events.  Divided into Mohawk and Iroquois, the boys (within their own division) competed for points for their respective teams.  Most of the Inter Boys tug match-ups ended in a tie, but Iroquois eventually emerged as the winners.  It was a fun competition for all, and when it was over, the boys all left their colors behind and reunited as one big group for canteen snack and music.

This was a jam-packed week at camp for the Inter Boys! On Sunday night, the Upper Inters travelled to The Fun Spot in Queensbury for a night of rollerblading, skating, arcade games and snacks. They boys had a great night as they showed off  their skating skills, and a few of the boys collected over 500 tickets in the arcade!
OTB (Off Track Betting)

OTB (a camper favorite event) took place this past week.   Each group tried to guess the winners of various pre-recorded and live competitive events between head staff members. The Inter boys did very well.  For most of the evening, they were in a tight battle with the LITs before the Upper Inter Boys West finally pulled away and set a new Camp Echo Lake record, ending the evening with 7600 CEL bucks! 

The Inter Boys (along with the rest of camp) enjoyed an amazing fireworks display to celebrate the Fourth of July.

The Lower Inter Boys faced their first big challenge of the summer against Forrest Lake.  The boys did very well, and won a number of games against the competition. The Upper Inter Boys did very well in all sports as they faced Walden and South Woods.

A tremendous buzz around the Inter Boys this week came courtesy of “the decision” that LeBron James made to return to his hometown Cavaliers.  There were mixed opinions about the decision, but the boys are all excited to see how the next NBA season unfolds.

Major Infraction stopped by to keep the Pines Police Precinct on track.  Our two trusty bike cops went undercover to infiltrate a candy-stealing ring, and the PPP is giving serious consideration to using a fortune teller in the coming weeks to help with the case.  Check back next week to see what develops!

Glamping, World Cup Soccer, Halloween, Torch Lighting and of course, Visiting Day.  There is always a possibility that Special Day could break at any time now…so stay tuned!