Camp Echo Lake February Birthdays

One of the advantages of The Trail is the ability to share more timely information.  In the past, birthdays were only shared on a quarterly basis in the Trail Newsletter, but going forward, all Camp Echo Lake birthdays will be shared here at the beginning of each month.  The following is the list of February birthdays…

Sarah G. February 1st Gareth J. February 2nd
Tyler J. February 1st Lucy G. February 8th
Jacob L. February 1st Brenda L. February 8th
Max M. February 2nd Luke C. February 9th
Samuel J. February 4th Robert C. February 14th
Danielle J. February 6th Emma L. February 14th
Gavin J. February 7th Hannah S. February 15th
Daniel C. February 8th Lauren C. February 16th
Joe F. February 8th Kaelyn M. February 16th
Lauryn H. February 8th John M. February 23rd
Mikaela L. February 8th Taylor P. February 25th
Dylan R. February 8th Matt L. February 26th
Sasha B. February 9th Tomas S. February 26th
Seth L. February 10th Justyn C. February 27th
Dylan M. February 10th
Ellen S. February 10th
Jesse H. February 11th
Matthew G. February 12th
Jack T. February 12th
Sophie M. February 14th
Elliot W. February 14th
Benjamin J. February 15th
Dalia L. February 15th
Benjamin G. February 16th
Ella M. February 16th
Hilary W. February 17th
Josh B. February 18th
Hannah C. February 19th
Charlie S. February 19th
Alexa G. February 21st
Ben L. February 21st
Sophie D-H. February 22nd
Gabby G. February 23rd
Benjamin R. February 24th
Ryder G. February 25th
Justin M. February 25th
Jacob R. February 25th
Emily R. February 25th
Nikki R. February 25th
Leah M. February 28th