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Brenda-LevineHow exciting that as Echo Lake campers finish off 7th grade (which is already a big deal!) they then get to cross the road to Senior Village?! While we know what terrific opportunities are available for Senior Village campers, we also recognize that it is normal to wonder – or even worry – about the transition to Lower Village.

We want to shed some light on Senior Village life and help both campers and parents better understand the things that are the same, the things that are different and everything in between!

You might be wondering:

How will I know what to do, where to go and how things work?

The Senior Village Head Staff will spend time with your group in the first couple of days of the summer, helping to orient you to the Senior Village schedule and the locations of things, in addition to answering all of your questions. You don’t need to know everything – you simply need to know who to ask if you are wondering about something.

How are Senior Village cabins different?

What’s the Same:

Senior Village cabins are just as comfortable as the Main Village cabins. They have ceiling fans as well a toilet and sink inside – campers still go to a girls’ or boys’ shower house each day for showers. Each camper still has cubbies to store his/her personal belongings.

What’s Different:

Senior Village cabins typically have 6-8 campers and 2 staff in each, so they are a bit smaller than MV cabins. Therefore, a SV group may have 3 cabins rather than 2 cabins. In addition, SV campers sleep on bunk beds. We allow SV campers to bring plastic underbed storage if they feel they need it because there are no bedside cubbies (maximum size: 32″ in length x 32″ in width x 9″ height such as the Large Stor-n-Slide Underbed Box” at

Clothing & Appearance:

What’s the Same:

Everything!! The same rules still apply in Senior Village. There are still only one-piece bathing suits allowed. We still know that you are beautiful “au natural” so there is still no make-up, no hair-dryers, no straighteners. We still want you to be able to run around and participate, so bring clothes that allow you to be active and take advantage of all the activities!

Senior Village Program:

What’s New:

By the time you’re 13 years old, you’ve tried it all at camp, right? We know that, and we want you to always be excited about the activities that you’re going to. That’s why, as a Senior Village Camper, you will have a Primarily Elective program. Twice a week, you’ll sign up for activities and essentially create a custom program for yourself!

Your biggest problem will be how to choose from so many great programmatic opportunities as a Senior Village Camper. Don’t worry, we won’t throw you into the deep end, right away! You’ll have a couple of days to ease into this new schedule and get used to things.

What’s the Same:

You need to attend and participate in the activities. This should be easy, right? After all, you chose the activities! You must wait for a staff person to cross you at the cross walk (that’s where our Staff Rovers come in).

Trip Days: Every Thursday

The new, the different and the exciting:

In Senior Village, all campers go on a weekly trip off camp every Thursday. From two different local beach trips, to The Great Escape, to The Fun Spot and Bowling and finally a trip with two choices (that part will be revealed in the summer!), the Senior Village campers have a chance every week to go with the rest of the Village on a super fun all day outing!

Campers are allowed to bring spending money, but it is not mandatory as camp provides either a packed lunch or a lunch is provided on the trip.

Lower Village Big Trip to Vermont

The new, the different and the exciting:

Monday July 27th –Thursday July 30th. The boys and the girls both go to Vermont on very similar trips packed with all kinds of fun, but they are two separate trips. We will send you further information about the trip as we get closer, but we want you to get excited for this opportunity to have a terrific time, bond with new and old friends, and to make amazing memories!

Other New Opportunities as a Lower Village Camper:

The new, the different and the exciting:

As a Lower Village Camper, you get to help plan, organize and run Halloween evening program event after Visiting Day

You will participate with Morry’s Camp when they come to CEL (which includes opportunities in either the join Music or Mural project with Morry’s Campers)

You will have an opportunity to help orient Upper Inters to Senior Village at the end of the summer.

Our hope is that you are more excited than nervous! Know that no matter which side of the road you are on, Echo Lake is Echo Lake. You can feel confident that you will have opportunities throughout every single day of the summer for amazing activities, events and of course friendships!

With excited BIG HUGS,


Read all the articles from this issue.