75th Alumni Reunion – Project Morry

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Project Morry was founded in 1995, inspired by the vision of camping world hero, Morry Stein. Morry recognized the significant positive long-term impact camping had on the lives of the young people who attended his camp, Echo Lake, and believed this experience should be shared with children from all socioeconomic groups.

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His goal was to give all American children, regardless of economic status, the invaluable gift of summer camp and a consistent year-round program. Morry was working on achieving this goal when his life was taken in a plane crash in 1994.

Determined to make Morry’s dream a reality, his friends, colleagues, family and campers created Morry’s Camp the following year. Every year since, the program has grown in scope and impact into the Project Morry you see today. From its beginnings as a summer camp, Project Morry is now a robust nine-year program that supports the academic and life success of hundreds of young people year-round.

The incredible partnerships with our community, donors and young people has allowed our programs to flourish and enabled new programs to take shape as we carry out our mission together.

Project Morry is Morry’s dream come true.

Welcome!RSVP HERE! | Calendar Of Events | Project Morry's 25th