Parent Handbook – Staying Connected to Camp and Your Camper

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Please provide your child with an adequate supply of postage and stationery. Before camp begins, please talk to your kids about how to address an envelope. Pre-addressed envelopes for younger children are very helpful. When addressing a letter to your child at camp, please put his or her group name on the envelope (we will e-mail your child’s group assignment to you on the first day of camp).

Main Village campers (those going into 7th grade and younger) are required to write home to parents two times each week. Senior Village campers (those going into 8th, 9th and 10th grade) are required to write home to parents one time each week. Please keep in mind that letters written during the first week of camp, particularly from new campers, may reflect the challenges inherent in the natural adjustment to camp.  If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to call us.

For Canadian campers, we provide, for purchase, U.S. postage through our office.   This mail will go out daily to our local post office with all of our other camp mail.  *In June, we will email you to complete a form on your parent dashboard to indicate whether you would like us to purchase a book of 25 or 50 U.S.P.S. to Canada stamps.  We will give them to your child the first day of camp when they arrive.  You are, of course, free to provide your own stamps for your child.


You may email your child at camp via the Parent Dashboard. We print out email daily and distribute them with the regular mail. Campers are not allowed to send email.  Please remember that campers love receiving “regular mail.” 

Through the Parent Dashboard, you may designate additional family members and friends the ability to email your children.  This feature is called “extended family login.”

Phone Calls

We can schedule two phone calls (a birthday phone call counts as one of these phone calls) per child during the course of the summer (where there is a divorce or separation, each parent can schedule two calls).  Because 4n4 campers can call home anytime throughout their trip, we schedule only one phone call prior to their trip departure. We do not schedule any calls for LIT’s.

Phone calls are scheduled on-line on June 14th via the parent dashboard.  Directions on how to schedule calls can be found here.

Due to the initial adjustment to camp and in recognition of all the special events that take place at summer’s end, we ask you to understand that we do not schedule phone calls either prior to July 3rd or after August 7th.   Due to the busy camp schedule, there are no phone calls on Thursday’s or Sunday’s (except in the case of a birthday call). 

Due to the volume of calls we have to conduct during the summer, we cannot schedule phone calls with grandparents or additional calls with parents, even for family occasions like birthdays. 

Our camp office is open from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. We use a voicemail system between the hours of 8:00 PM and 8:00 AM.  If you ever need to reach us in an after hours emergency, our voicemail system will connect you to a special number.


We know that Birthdays are VERY important to you and your child and they’re equally important to us!  We want to make it as HUGE as possible for the birthday girl or boy.

If your child has a birthday while at camp…


  • Their entire village will sing to them!
  • They will get a birthday fuzzy!
  • They will receive a special CEL Birthday shirt!
  • They will get a birthday cake to share with their friends!
  • They will have a phone call with you. We just ask that you schedule this in advance similar to regular phone calls.
  • They are allowed to receive a Birthday Package (please no food/candy or bunk gifts).  Please write “Birthday Package” on it and we will hold it in the office until we deliver it on your camper’s birthday!
IntroductionImportant Dates | Health and Medical | Transportation and Baggage | Visiting Camp 
Staying Connected to Camp and Your Camper | Camp Policies