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Medical Forms

Please complete your Medical Forms by May 1st. No camper will be allowed to depart for camp unless we have received his or her Medical Forms. Please make your appointments now so that you can complete the forms by May 1st. New York State requires a full listing of up-to-date physician-documented immunizations (including current tetanus).


Medical Forms: All Health Forms are completed through the Parent Dashboard.

Medical History: Each camper’s medical history is reviewed carefully by our Medical Staff prior to the start of camp. Please keep in mind that the more we know about your child’s health history, the better care we can take of him or her. Please advise us of any injury, illness or communicable disease your child has experienced within three weeks of arrival at camp.

Any and all information pertaining to your child’s psychological or social development (including any counseling) is invaluable as we work to maximize your child’s experience at camp. Our medical forms requires it and we ask you to be as detailed as possible. Be assured this information is treated in a confidential manner.



Camp families must send ALL medications pre-packaged to camp through Mountain Meds.  The ONLY exceptions are insulin, growth hormone, allergy shots, epipens and inhalers; and all meds for Canadian / International campers.

Any child who uses an inhaler must bring at least two to camp. ALL medications, including PRNs (as needed medication) for pre-existing ongoing conditions (i.e. seasonal allergies, etc), creams, vitamins and daily medications must be sent through Mountain Meds (information about using Mountain Meds, including registration information, is available here). The deadline for enrollment with Mountain Meds is May 16th.

All medications must arrive at camp prior to arrival day.  The only exceptions are for medications that are required to travel with your child on the bus (epipens, inhalers), medications for which our Heath Center has provided a Bus Medication Authorization Number and for campers traveling to camp from outside the U.S.  For any unauthorized medications sent on the bus, there will be a $150 medication administrative fee charged.

Filling Prescriptions during the summer:  Should your child develop a need for additional medication during the summer, we have a full-service Rite-Aid pharmacy one mile from camp. In order to make paying for prescriptions as easy as possible (whereby you would be billed directly from Rite-Aid), the following is mandatory (for U.S. parents only):


  • Provide us a front and back copy of your Prescription Plan card. With some plans, the Prescription Card may be different than the Health Insurance Card. We must have a copy of the front and back of the Prescription Card for the pharmacy.
  • Where possible (in most U.S. areas), you can register at your local Rite-Aid so prescriptions can be billed directly to you. (You can call Rite-Aid at 1-800- RITEAID, or check their website at to locate the store nearest you.)
  • We will bill you directly from camp for any co-pays .
  • Canadian parents will be billed directly from camp for prescriptions.

Please send a second pair of glasses with your child if he or she wears glasses. Please also try to label your child’s eyeglasses and case.


All campers and staff are required to have age-appropriate vaccines, as recommended by New York State. For reference, please click here.

The only exceptions will be for children who have had a documented allergy, or severe adverse reaction to a particular vaccine or a medical condition that prevent them being able to receive a particular vaccine. Anyone who falls under that category will need to contact Laurie or Tony regarding a waiver.

Lice Checks

At the beginning of camp, each camper will be given a lice check by a staff member of the Lice Treatment Center (they will be doing two additional checks at camp during the summer).  If your child has lice and/or nits upon arrival at camp, the staff of Lice Treatment Center will treat your child’s hair at camp until the problem is gone.  There is a $400 charge for the Lice Treatment Center charge.

(If your child is found on either of the second visit – conducted just after Visiting Day – or the third visit – conducted in the last week of camp – by Lice Treatment Center to have lice and/or nits, the treatment charge at camp is $200.)

IntroductionImportant Dates | Health and Medical | Transportation and Baggage | Visiting Camp 
Staying Connected to Camp and Your Camper | Camp Policies