Parent Handbook – Camp Policies

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Campers are not permitted to have food, candy, gum, bottled water or other food items at camp. We provide a very healthy choice of food at camp and our campers always have plenty to eat and drink!


There is NO TIPPING at Echo Lake. Our staff is aware of this rule and knows that anyone accepting “tips” will be dismissed from staff.


No smoking or possession of any tobacco or alcohol products or any controlled substance is allowed at camp. Camp is a non-smoking, non-alcoholic and drug-free environment. Any camper or staff member violating this policy is subject to immediate dismissal from camp.

Electronics/Communications devices

Cell phones, smartphones, digital video players, video games, e-readers (Kindle, Nook, etc), tablets (iPad, Galaxy Tab, iPod Touch, etc), laptops, smart watches, smart glasses and video cameras are not allowed at camp.

Only specific kinds of iPods are allowed at camp.  As of Spring 2017, those are: iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano and iPod Classic (now discontinued.)  All videos must be removed from the iPod Nano or Classic via iTunes before your child arrives at camp! Staff will be checking devices for videos – any that contain videos will be confiscated.  To minimize inconvenience to your child, we recommend the iPod Nano.  We remind you that camp is not responsible for any damage to these devices. Essentially, the ONLY electronic device allowed at camp is, an iPod with music only.

Any device that is equipped with a Wi-Fi connection or 3g/4g/LTE data connection is NOT permitted at camp.  All tablets, smartphones, the iPod Touch, Google Glass, smart watches, smart glasses and e-readers fall into this category.

In the instance of a camper being in possession of a non-permitted item that camper will have to go home for three nights.  Parents will have to make arrangements to pick up and return the camper to camp.  Should the camper be away from camp on a trip (4n4 or any other trip), parents will need to pick up their child from the trip location.

The only plug-in item that campers are allowed to bring to camp is a charger for a music only iPod.

Electric fans, electric clocks and iPod external speakers, which plug into a wall outlet, are not permitted.  Only battery-operated fans, battery-operated clocks and battery-operated external speakers are permitted.

Digital Cameras/Cameras:  Cameras are permitted at camp, as long as there are no photographs taken inside of cabins, tents, hotel rooms and shower houses.  Any cameras used in such places will be confiscated and returned at the end of the summer.

Spending Money

star2For “special” trips off camp, campers may want to bring spending money to camp for snacks or souvenirs.   The camp office will be happy to hold their money prior to these trips.  Spending money is, of course, optional and at the parent’s discretion.

Spending money can be held by the camp office or the camper, but cannot be held by the staff members for campers.  Any money not kept in the office is solely the camper’s responsibility and camp takes no responsibility for such money kept in cabins by campers.

Campers who keep trip money in the office will get their money prior to departing for an off-camp trip.  When they return to camp, any remaining money can be brought back to the office.

Keep in mind that some trips happen before Visiting Day and some happen after, so you may want to send an initial amount and reevaluate on Visiting Day (the below are suggested amount to cover trips for the entire summer). We also recommend having a conversation with your child about budgeting money over several trips.

In order to provide parents with some helpful guidelines, should you want to provide your child with spending money for off-camp trips, we suggest:

trip suggested amount
Junior Water Slide World Trip plus 2 evening trips  up to $25
Inter Great Escape Amusement Park Trip plus 2 evening trips  up to $50
Lower Village Weekly Trip Days plus 1 evening trip plus 4-Day Trip to VT  up to $200
Upper Village Weekly Trip Days plus 2 evening trips plus 5-Day Trip to Cape Cod/Boston  up to $250
4n4 28 days out west plus 1 or 2 Weekly Trip Days up to $500


We do not accept packages at camp, including books and/or magazines, with the exception of birthday packages (which may not contain food items or bunk favors). Books and magazines must be sent up to camp with a camper’s carry-on luggage on the first day of camp.

star2If your child has forgotten an essential item at home and you need to send it to camp, please contact the office for approval and you will be given a package authorization number to send such items to camp.  

Any packages without an authorization number will not be permitted and will be held in the office until Visiting Day.  If received after Visiting Day, the package will be given to the camper on packing day at the end of camp.

Clothing and Packing

As you pack for camp, we ask that you please follow a few simple guidelines:


  1. Carefully review the camp packing list.
  1. Each camper is allowed to bring two large sports equipment bags or soft trunks, available from the Camp Spot.  If you are purchasing new camp baggage, we specifically recommend the DELUXE SOFT TRUNK (36” x 20” x18”) from The Camp Spot.  ALL CAMP BAGGAGE MUST HAVE CAMPER’S NAME PRINTED ON THEM.
  1. No dressy clothes are needed, and we remind you that skirts, skorts, blow dryers, straighteners, make-up and jewelry are not allowed at Echo Lake.  Tank tops or t-shirts that allow undergarments to show through are not allowed.
  1. Campers and staff  are allowed wear one piece bathing suits only, both on camp and on off camp trips (including the 4n4 and LIT trips off camp). One-piece bathing suits must provide full coverage, including no deep plunging necklines, no backs that dip below the waist, and no exposed sides or midriffs. Bikinis, monokinis, and tankinis are not allowed.
  1. All campers must bring their own sheets, blankets, pillowcases and pillows.
  1. No lockboxes are allowed and will be held in the HQs if they are sent to camp.
  1. Please make sure to send your child with a backpack.
  1. Please make sure that every single item your child brings to camp is labeled with their first and last name.
  1. Storage Space – Main Village (Campers going into 7th grade and younger & LITs):  Each Main Village camper is provided a bedside two-shelf cubby for additional personal items. Plastic or cardboard drawers and/or multi-shelf drawers may not be brought.
  1. Storage Space – Senior Village (Campers going into 8th, 9th & 10th grades):  Only drawers that can fit underneath a bed will be allowed.  As most campers in the Sr. Village share bunkbeds, any drawer or storage box must take up no more than half the underbed space.  Thus, the maximum size for a Sr. Village drawer is 32″ in length x 32″ in width x 9″ height.  See the “Large Stor-n-Slide Underbed Box” at for a good example of a storage unit that would work nicely and fit these space requirements.  Plastic or cardboard drawers and/or multi-shelf drawers may not be brought to camp.
IntroductionImportant Dates | Health and Medical | Transportation and Baggage | Visiting Camp 
Staying Connected to Camp and Your Camper | Camp Policies